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Changing Over Pond Filter Cannister

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Hi All, 

Ive had my pond running for nearly 2.5yrs using a 9lt bucket modified to be a sand and ceramic ring filter cannister. Did it on the cheap. Last week I noticed the water level was down further that is should have been and found my bucket had started leaking.. it is after all, just a bucket... not a pressure cannister.


So i decided to not be soo cheap and buy a proper cannister. So I got one from the big green shed haha


Had to do some mods as its above my water level and don't want it to syphon back once the power is switched off. So put the check valve from my bucket to the new one and set up the outlets and the backflush outlet.


So I removed the sponges from inside this behemoth and put in my cycled ceramic ring bags. Installed it behind the waterfall... which ive now found is deteriorating... but that's another job for another time haha..


Up and running, water is a bit cloudy as I also topped it up but should clear soon enough.


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