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1 betta mahachai male and 1 betta smaragdina male

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Sarah is moving on 2 excess males, these guy's are fooking amazing, colours pop out and blind you, literally

I couldnt see shite after looking at them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
prefer they go together, as they are Bro's and like flexing at each other through their windows to see whose Pecs are bigger, 

pick up preferred but if we are travelling we may be able to drop them somewhere over the rainbow

$100 Million Dollars to peeps I dont like (Fk me there are a few) 
or some good dollars for peeps I like

buzz me

I will buzz u back

then we will buzz some more

and get shit done



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8 hours ago, billfish said:

Damn only 100 million to people you dont like! how much for people that dont like you or your bragging about your vette.....im just jelous

Love that guitar betta

where u located Billflisho
maybe we can hook up n do some fishy dancing

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