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Downsizing Sale - Assorted Dry Goods (with FREE items)

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Downsizing sale of items collected over the years. Some are brand new in box, some are barely used (comes in box), and some are used but in good condition (some in box too).

Some items are FREE with any purchase as indicated below.


All items listed below have good quality photos but as the list is quite long, I am unable to upload the photos. Please PM me with your name, interested item(s) and mobile number and I will text you the photos.

Prices as indicated below. Happy to do a better deal if you are picking up multiple items.

Pick up from Birkdale, or Herston with prior arrangement.

Thank you.



- 2x Large Double sponge filter (Used) - $10 the lot

- 2x Small Single sponge filter (Used) - $5 the lot

- 4x Large Single sponge filter (Used) - $10 the lot

- 4x Ista Large Single sponge filter (BRAND NEW in box but discoloured air lift tube) - $20 the lot

- 2x Large XY380 sponge filter (Barely used almost BRAND NEW in box) - $10 the lot

- 7x BioSPON BS-58L Double sponge filter (Barely Used in box) - $25 each or $150 for the lot

- 2x Corner Plastic Box Filter (BRAND NEW in box) - $10 the lot


LED Lights

- 3x Pet Worx LED Clamp Lamp (Barely used almost BRAND NEW in box) - $20 each

- Imagitarium 7W LED Light Extendable 20-35cm (Used in great condition) - $20

- 3ft Full Spectrum Slim Line LED Light with adjustable stainless steel legs to sit high or low above the tank. Comes wired to a TC421 WiFi Sunrise-Sunset Time Controller and a very good quality Meanwell power adapter - $100

- 2x 2ft Make My Led XB2 Full Spectrum LED Lights and 1x 2ft Make My LED XB2 Blue Actinic Night Light with acrylic stand. Comes wired to a TC420 Sunrise-Sunset Time Controller with 5 Channel Output. NOTE: 1x Full Spectrum only lights up 1ft of the tube. Fred (Owner of Make My LED in South Australia) can repair it or send you the parts if you are handy with a soldering iron - $80


Assorted Items

- Aqua One 55W Heater (Barely Used almost BRAND NEW in box) - $20

- Aqua One small floating mini box (Barely Used almost BRAND NEW in box) - $5

- 2x MA-5 Metacube with 1mm and 0.2mm mesh rings (Used in good condition with box) - $40.

- TC420 Sunrise-Sunset LED Time Controller (BRAND NEW in box) - $25

- Digital thermostat (Barely Used almost BRAND NEW in box). Extremely helpful to prevent heaters frying your fish - $15

- Overflow Box (one teeth to the weir is missing) - $30

- 2x Glass Baby Brine Shrimp Hatcher - $10 the lot

- 2x Sunken Boat Ornament - $10 the lot

- 8x Moss Ledges (assorted sizes) and 8x (5x5cm) Stainless Steel Mesh - $30 the lot

- 6x driftwood (assorted sizes some over 30cm) - $20 the lot

- Aqua One Floating Magnetic Glass Cleaner - $5


FREE items with any purchase

- Internal breeder box (missing hang on clips) - FREE

- 2x Biopro HF-200 Hang On Back (HOB) Filter (Used in box). They were working last I used them - FREE

- 3x 4" Nylon Polyester Filter Sock - FREE

- 30ml Turkey Baster - FREE

- Hailea RP-200 Internal Filter - FREE

- 20W LED 6500K Flood Light - FREE

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