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The start of small things to come.

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Hi everyone, i moved up from syd a few years back but used to be really into the hobbie 8yrs or so ago. 

Ive been through plenty of phases breeding malawis, "L" numbers, discus, americans aswell as keeping some tank busting natives, gg's and aros. I always had a soft spot for fronnys and had a moba colony that was my pride and joy. 

Fast forward and after years without a tank ive setup a little 130ltr tang display. Ive currently got 3 x julidochromis marlieri and looking for a pair, trio or fry of both:

* neolamprologus caudopunctatus and

* lamprologus ocellatus "gold"

If anyone knows any available please pm.

Feels great to get back into fishkeeping.

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