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Need to make some room in my betta tanks now that the juveniles are maturing.  Betta Smaragdina, Mahachai and Imbellis (all splendens complex) available at various ages.  Taking expressions of interest, individuals, pairs, or groups available anywhere from unsexed juveniles to breeding maturity.  Prices will be entirely reasonable, but will only sell to buyers with established set ups. 

Full disclosure for keeping these fish alive: I've found these guys to be pretty tolerant of conditions, but they do prefer heavy tannins in water, extremely well planted, and dimly lit set ups.  If you have full plant lights on, these guys tend to hide and if you don't have hiding spaces, they get really stressed.  In terms of sociability, they're okay kept in breeding pairs, provided that you have lots of hides and broken lines of sight.  But depends on individual levels of aggression.  I have found them to do best in species only tanks; other fish tend to spook them and you don't see them often.  I have found them to coexist with shrimp pretty peacefully.  They'll definitely go after the shrimpets, but they leave the adults alone provided that they're already established in the tank when you introduce the betta.  They're exceptional jumpers, so you need a lid.  And ideally a glass one because they can dislodge acrylic.  I feed frozen foods, such as brine shrimp, and hikari betta and/or Attison betta pro pellets.  They need an animal protein rich diet, and will not cope with the soy and wheat ingredients in most tropical food.

Pick up only. Greenslopes. 

eta: Pics are mahachai, imbellis, and smaragdina.  They're usually a bit more colourful in lower light. 



smaragdina (2).jpg

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