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Nautilus 2700 UVC Filters: SOLD

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As I've recently upgraded to Fluval FX4s, I now have for sale my old Nautilus 2700 UVC filters.  These were purchased new and have run for 2.5 years on my 6 foot tanks without trouble.  They were working without problems when I swapped them over to the Fluvals in the past week or two.   (Although I don't know if the UV part is still working - the bulbs may have burned out long time ago as I left the UV on continuously).

Two complete filters available, including all hoses, pipes and media.   $100 each.

I also have parts of a third - which could be used for spare parts - includes the rotor assembly for example, spare baskets and sponges, various other bits.

Take the lot for $150, pickup in Parkinson.


Nautilus 1.jpg

Nautilus 2.jpg

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