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Atlas Aquarium New Store

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So driving along Sandgate Road through Nundah inbound you cannot miss the new Atlas Aquarium sign on the left hand side.  Outside today was crazy as was inside with people crowded to check out the new locations, with the bouncy castle  and food stores packed.  I did not get to check out the grub as was in a hurry but judging by the crowds it was well loved.    

Inside as always the strength of Atlas is their Marine section.  With Sebs permission I took some snaps.  The coral display was full of corals from small frags to display pieces.  Don’t ask me to name any - I just know what i like

Just inside the door is a neat little display with some beauties.  I was told to make sure I caught this fella as he was special - and gotta say neat fish.  (Don’t ask me what it is).   Did I mention I am ignorant when it comes to the marine side of the hobby.  

Nice supply of everything you need for your marine tank, and I liked the Dumas Fresh water scraping display.  As well there is a sizeable range of freshwater tanks and everything is crisp and new.  Red rooters are not something you see in stores often.  

Look forward to seeing this store develop in their new location, without the parking problems of the old store.  

So who else got there today and what did you score?  










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