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3 Tier 3ft tank setup + accessories

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* $600 Or Nearest Offer *
x3 3ft tanks (90cm x 38cm x 45cm)

(One is divided)

x2 glass pieces to divide another tank


x2 1000lph internal filters (Ocean Free Smart 1000)

x7 sponge filters

x1 (Petworx wxa-301) 35L/m Air pump

x2 Led lights (2 modes, blue light and white light)

x1 batten light

x2 100w heaters


All tanks hold water perfectly, and are still currently holding water. I Have most of the lids for the tanks.

 LOCATED: Park Ridge, QLD 4125

25x25mm steel rack (welded), with foam and a thin piece of ply on each tier. Might also throw in a few extras (bag of shrimp substrate, driftwood, sponge filters, hose for water change if wanted). The driftwood and plants in the photo are not included.


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Hey John, I’m not breeding fish anymore. I’m selling everything and just keeping some normal guppies and normal catfish for my children. I have sold all of my other fish that I used to breed

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