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I've been apart of the fish keeping hobby for over 3 years. While I haven't joined any forums before now, I have 8 fish alive and well. 

my current tank is a 55L aqua nano. I am new but I will be posting about my 3 blind cave tetra as they have grown too big for the tank with my other fish often being scared of them.


I come from bad beginnings. 2 Bettas in those tiny tanks, after learning it was wrong I bought a 20L tank for the 2 of them and added heaters and filtration. i couldn't do much better at the time. after 1 passed away, i dedicated the tank to just the one fish. since then I have only ever kept 1 betta at a time except when one got a surrendered betta from a friend. (at this time i had the 55L and a 20L for both of the fish. (55L for mine, 20 for the surrendered, that came from a bowl) 


I have come along way from my beginnings as a fish keeper and hope to continue to do so.

thanks in advance for having me. 

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