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Larger natives suppliers?

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Hey all,

Does anyone know of any suppliers that sell larger natives? Around the 15-20cm mark. All that the LFS' I've been to only have fry around 5cm of bass/perch/cod etc and I need something larger to go with my 15cm bass in my 6x2


I'm happy to pay postage etc and I'm based on the Brisbane Northside.


If anyone has any leads to anything a bit larger it would greatly appreciated.

Regards, Drew

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All I can find is a 25cm sleepy cod on livefish and 23cm spangled gudgeon on gumtree.

I brought a 26cm jungle perch off gumtree and sold back on there when I moved.

I also was able to get a 10cm tandanus and 12cm forktailed catfish through my lfs which i grew up to 30cm+ and 40cm+ before moving them on.

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