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Lunar Wrasse (Thalassoma Lunare)

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Hi guys,

The 3ft marine tank is running fine, I tried to upload pictures, but for some reason,

it shut down my computer instantaneously :perplex: . anyway, I got my water tested, was given the o.k,

(was this because of sea water?) An Aqua One T8 Light with white and blue light was fitted in. I bought myself

a realy cheap starfish ( It has 6 arms, red, skinny body with black tips. It is alive and grazing on live rock). Also I bought my first fish at a cheap price, because I also bought T8s for my 6ft freshwater. It was a little peacock dragonet or something, cute little blenny face with "antennas" and lovely brown stripes ( I was told by a marine collector that they were easy to keep, so I bit the bullet. ) I watch it graze on the live rock as well.

Just before the wrasse part, is it o.k to collect non-threatened/endangered fish from an area which is not a marine park.

I have been looking on government websites but it doesn't really say anything about species other than pelagic ones.

whilst snorkelling in a local area in about 2-3 m deep water, on the lovely carpet of algae zoanthid corals, kelp etc.

were Pomacentrus Grammorynchus adults and transforming juveniles,

lots of stripeys, something very similar to a pennant bannerfish, a lined boxfish, those wrasses' I cant find info on,

and my favourite, a large, but loose grouping of Lunar Wrasse. I intend to make one a focus fish for my 3ft, with possibly upgrading to a larger tank when it gets bigger. Are they an o.k beginner fish? will it fit with my tank environment? and if it is legal to catch fish, what would be the least stressful method of collection? I was thinking of dropping a cast net over them as they graze and I swim above them, before gently capturing the specimine with a soft hand net.

thank you for reading one of my huge posts,

but I really want to get enough nowledge to have the best marine experience.


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I believe you are allowed to as long as it's not a protected fish and a max of 5 fish or something like that.

Go back through all the collecting threads atarted by pkc in this (marine) forum and have a read I thinkl the question was answered by him on one of his threads.

The shelly beach rock pools have a lot of cool fish.... last week there was a small sea snake swimming around so make sure you wear divers gloves and boots :esup:

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Thank you for the reply,

I will have a look through some articles. Did you really see a sea snake ? The worst I've seen there is a stonefish! :)

but I have seen snowflake moray eels many a time ( a tiny, tiny one tried to gnaw at my finger, but it's mouth couldn't get a grip on my smallest finger!)


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