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Aquaone Tank Leak - above water line

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Hi everyone,


Have owned an AquaSerene 340 since new for about 5 years and am starting to get a small leak. It is leaking slowly between the hood(fixed) and the glass.


I have dropped the water down and it is still leaking.

Racking my brain as to how this is happening being the leak is above the waterline. I have removed the lids as I thought it was condensation playing apart but took them off last night and it was still leaking slowly - after a couple of hours without them on. Enough to be annoying and also hitting the stand and that is starting to bubble out (can't understand why they use the material they do when water sweals it!)


Have just sealed the inside where the internal glass ledge is but this morning it is still leaking.



Any suggestions/recommendation/help with this one would be appreciated.


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