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New 1000L goldfish pond

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Decided to turn this tank of mine into a goldfish pond, plants arrived this week and have been potted up, tank was filled yesterday and 2 goldies went in today.

This will be for singled tailed goldfish only, but they must have long undeformed fins (why is it that all the shubunkins I've seen lately have deformed fins?)

I have a orange goldie and a white with red head one as well, as seen in the pics. Looking for 2 nice shubunkins to add as well as a longfined yellow goldfish (I can only find short finned ones in LFS). If I can get my hands on 1 x yellow-fined eel tail cattie I will add that as well.

Just waiting for the plants to fill out as they came through the post bare-rooted.

IMG_20211008_135743 - Copy (2)resize.jpg

IMG_20211008_135821 - Copy.jpg

IMG_20211008_135832 - Copy.jpg

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Slight change of plans. I saw a calico goldfish that I liked, it just happened to be a Fantail not a Shubunkin, so this guy has come home with me, and I also decided I could get a black more and have an additional color in the tank. So new plan is,

1 x solid orange comet

1 x white, with red head comet

1 x calico fantail

1 x black more

1 x long fined yellow comet (yet to buy)

1 x golden eel tailed catfish (yet to buy)

Here's todays additions, 

IMG_20211009_121732 - Copy.jpg

IMG_20211009_121745 - Copy.jpg

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3 hours ago, johnbetta said:

wicked mate they look amazing i can put u onto a few places that are mad on goldfish if u want to pm me and yes they have rare ones to

All good john, the tank will be lightly stocked and I'm avoiding the more fancy goldfish as their not pond hardy, and it gets petty cold here.

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I brought a "Pinkie" Fantail today, not super colorful or anything but still another color variation to keep, and besides I would prefer to have 3 Fantails and 3 Comets rather than 2 Fantails and 3 comets (when I get the yellow one).

Anyway besides that I been checking out Pinkie Goldfish online and managed to come across these,

Clown Gold.jpg

the 30th japan viewing fish fair - various eds - | sleep with goldfish on the back of a baku. (ameblo.jp)

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11 hours ago, goodwin626 said:

Looks awesome Mick, are you running any filtration?

Not at this stage but its only gonna hold 6 goldfish and is 1000L and has a lot of plants.

It is a possibility for the future but would need an extra power outlet and the cash to buy the filter which I don't have right now.

I've done a 90% water change the other day because of green water, I'm not sure if this will be persistent or will be kept under control as the pond and plants become established. 

If there are constant problems with green water a UV filter would be the go.


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Well I was in Toowoomba today and decided to grab a yellow comet, I really wanted the long fin version of these but my only option was to buy 3 at $99 plus $35 shipping.

I would of kept 1 and tried to get as much money back on the other 2 as I could.

I went the cheap and easier way only costing me $9.50.

I have a thing with shubunkins/calicos and love picking out the nice ones.

I saw a nice little Bristol shubunkin and decided to take him home.

Thats 7 goldies now for the tank, and I'm still considering a yellow eel tailed catty in the future.

Here's todays additions,

IMG_20211025_135851 - Copy (2).jpg

IMG_20211025_135906 - Copy.jpg

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3 hours ago, keenfish75 said:

Did you buy the pond online?

Yes, but I've had these for at least 7 years, I haven't been able to see the online again except in bulk overseas.

They came in a few different sizes as well as round tanks.

I think these tanks are used overseas to display koi at comps or sales.

I have a second with crays that has been patched at the base but its still going strong too, they came with a repair kit.

I used to breed quite a few yellows and icebergs in these and I've also had them stored for years at times, these guys fold up into bugger all.

Here's the setup at the moment.


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Having a few dramas,

First off my goldfish have been eating every Nardoo shoot that grows I have put an upside down pot to cover it and can count about a dozen new shoots making their way to the surface from the last 2 or 3 day alone, I'm hoping once its growing properly it can keep up with what's being eaten but I'm not very sure about that.

Secondly I'm having a problem with pests hanging out on my water lily leaves, they are tiny insects and I actually have these hanging out on the rims of my indoor tank but I really wish I could eradicate them especially from the pond.

Last of all my wood I have in the pond is actually shooting new leaves, bugger it.

IMG_20211106_110458 - Copy.jpg

IMG_20211106_110508 - Copy.jpg

IMG_20211106_110525 - Copy.jpg

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