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Oh my goodness... HE is a SHE!!!

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Well, it seems my Jag, "Pablo" is actually a GIRL! :esup:

My jag had been busy digging a nice pit behind/around a large rock at the end of the tank, and then in the wee hours of last night laid a bunch of eggs on the background behind the rock! Up til now I thought I had a male. :oops::oops:

Now SHE is sitting there fanning the eggs with her pectoral fins and aggressively sees me off when I approach too close to the glass to have a look. Hope she isn't too upset when nothing happens... no boy action means no babies!

Once I figure out how to (a) reduce the file size and (B) post a video, I'll get one into the relevant section of the forum.

Now I have to think of another stereotypical central-American name to call my girl. At least now there is no confusion. Definitely a GIRL. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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roflmao u should know better! what happens at sea stays at sea! tsk tsk :lol:

Ps u cant quote for shite :lol:

:lol: Scott you are soooooo right

Hmmm i think i got the quote thingy right this time? :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

Update: she is still sitting with the eggs, but after I (somewhat sadistically) added a few small feeders yesterday I have heard a bit of splashing from the darkness (lights don't come on until late morning). So whether it be hunger or territorial aggression/motherly instincts, it seems she is at least having a feed.

Good girl...

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