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home made top filter

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ok, i been thinkin of this one for a while, so i got my self into gear and started.

I have made this one to fit on top of a two foor tank that my son has conned me into letting him have in his room.

And he wants to put, get this,,, 8O an american cichlid in it :? lol

anyways if this one works ok, which im confident it will, i will build one for my 4 foot malawi display tank.

This is where im up to so far, just have to add a small powerhead to the left hand end (you can see the green spraybar), some filter wool and maybee some matrix and away we go.

then ill build a hood to sit over the whole lot with a light in it (maybee some LEDs)



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that is a very cool idea jimbozed! i've always liked the idea of those 'built-in' top filters that the aqua-one plastic tanks have... they look like they would be very easy to service. i never thought of just making one for a glass tank... top idea!


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