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Repashy mixes

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As a believer in using numerous types of food sources, never same 2 day in a row. I wish to create a discussion about repashy, and what mixes work for who and what. Discussion is directed at catfish keepers.

Personally I only just added it to my list of feeds as it came with fish I purchased. However seeing how readily accepted it is across the board, why not keep going. 


So what I ask is, what mixes to people run with. Whilst yes it appears the diet is complete, I plan on using it as a 1-2 times per week treat. Just as one would do with frozen foods. So why not mix several and truly treat the fishes?


Currently I have 50/50 wood and soilent, 25 wood, 25 grub, and 50 green. What other mixes are people using for basic cats . 

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