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Common Name Confusion - What's a Peacock

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Little confused about the common names used for Malawi Cichlids

an "Electric Blue" seems to be a Sciaenochromis fryeri

an "Electric Yellow" seems to be a Labidochromis caeruleus

what's a "Peacock"? is it a Aulonocara something.

Seems to be a lot of colour variations within these groups, are these due to geographical, cross breeding or hybridisation.

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hey mate I keep peacocks I think there so many different types because they are so easy to cross breed they are a really peaceful and prety fish and lots of owners keep more than one type of peacock generally put all types in there own tanks so they don't crossbreed but there scientific name is Aulonocara Peacock but im prety sure that thats why theres so many types because there that easy to crossbreed


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Peacock is just a lose term for the genus Aulonocara. Just like mbunas is a loose term for zebras, which is a loose term again for the genus, Pseudotropheus, Metriclima amongst others.

If buying peacocks, buy with with scientific names. That way you are more than likely buy something that is pure. As mentioned above, females are very similar, therefore hard to tell.

If you see a tank in a lfs labeled with just peacocks, assorted peacocks or similar, then they are more than likely a hybrid.

There are plenty of peacock species, just an idea.


This link has plenty of info too.


There is a good number of true peacocks in Aussie. Just buy peacocks with full scientific name.

& also

Aulonocara Peacock
The word peacock is not part of the scientific name.

Frenchy :D

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Hey thanks for all that.

Big eye opener, 8O , I did not know how many variants there were.

Great links, looks as though you need to be careful when mixing varieties to avoid hybridization.

Planning a 700mm cube (refer other post), are these 'Peacocks' suitable for this size tank. Would Electric Blues and Yellows (excuse the common names) be compatible tank mates?

Love the idea of a community cichlid tank with some breeding activity, however have a personal dislike to the idea of hybrids.

How easy is it in the Brisbane area to obtain 'pedigreed' peacocks?



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Should be pretty easy to obtain nice peacocks. Place a want to buy in the live trader section. Or if you are friends with a lfs, they can let you know what species are available via wholesalers.

Electric blues are probably not a good mix with peacocks, chance of cross breeding.

Electric yellows will go fine.

Frenchy :D

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