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African Cichlid Buffer

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Can anyone recommend a budget friendly  African cichlid buffer/salt?

Have seen the diy mixes but I have seen a number of articles that warn against using Epsom salt.

I don't want to pay seachem or aqua pics premium prices. I have found 3 that seem okay but dosage varies alot. They are about $12 -14/Kg

Notafisholee- 2 teaspoons/100L, best value?  https://notafisholee.com.au/products/cichlid-salt-5kg

FKC- 1 tablespoon/20L https://www.fishkeeperschoice.com.au/product/fkc-4-in-1-african-cichlid-riftlake-aquarium-fish-tank-ph-gh-kh-buffer-salt-2kg/

Aquasonic - 1 teaspoon / 7L https://www.thetechden.com.au/products/copy-of-aquasonic-riftlake-water-conditioner-2-5kg?variant=41825706246314

Any reviews or recommendations is greatly appreciated,

Thank you

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I've used DIY mix for years now, and seems to work just fine.  Most of the fish you buy here are locally bred, and don't necessarily REQUIRE the salt.  Although they may do better with the salt.

What I use for my all-male Malawi Hap tank is as follows

200 L water change gets 4-5 teaspoons Bicarb of Soda, 2-3 teaspoons Epsom, 1-2 teaspoons Rock salt (i.e. regular salt but without any iodine or such added).  Typically 8-10 teaspoons of salt in total for 200 L.   Dissolve this salt in half a bucket of HOT water, let it sit while I change the water.   Top up the bucket with COLD water, mix, then it is cool enough to pour slowly in to the tank towards the end of the re-fill (with COLD water).

I use HOT water because the salts dissolve so much faster and better.  Then just cool it down later.


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