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Fry Saver - First Attempt

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Here is some pics of my first attempt at making a fry saver, I have a few ideas on how to tweak the design for the next one. I currently have about 5 million Rivulatus fry in it (ok maybe not that many, but you get the idea)

1.2 Litre Ice Cream container

Drilled a hole in the centre to stick through the upstand


For the upstand I just used some bits of spray bars from cannister filters.

Also siliconed it in place.

Next I cut some holes in 3 sides of the container


I used a course filter pad from a cannister filter to cover the holes, I was going to use a fine fly screen mesh, but figured the filter sponge may offer some better biological filtration and give something for the fry to pick at (plus I didnt have any fly screen and Leanne would probably crack it if I cut some off the back door)


Next I added an angle piece to the top of the upstand, and drilled a 4mm hole in the top to feed the airline into it, I didnt use an airstone, just shoved the airline down there.

I was kinda trying to remember back to school days on whether this set up would work ie: pull new water through from underneath whilst pushing old water out through the sponge. (It did 8) )


On the 4th side that i didnt cut the hole in, I have just used some suction caps to attach it to the side of the tank, My second attempt will need some thought on a better way to do this, as the other side sagged a little, so i had to prop it up with a clip and a piece of pipe (a tad dodgy)

Let me know what you think, any feedback, critisism (within reason) will be appreciated.


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