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WTB big sheet of glass

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G'day everyone :egrin:

Can anyone please tell me of a good place to buy glass?

I need one sheet of 10mmx1500mmx700mm and three pieces of 10mmx1470mmx50mm.

I'm also looking for some of that really good silicon. Is it 999 or 666? And can anyone tell me who makes it?

If anyone can help please pm me or call me on 0435193646



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hey peter only use ge brand sealants found them to be better than other brand's that i have tried out off, dow corning 999a, rhodosild v2 and ge off corse but that is my opinion plus i know many tank builders out there use the same as me.

hope that help's.


Here's a link to a thread that should be of some help -> Link


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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