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semi planted green terror + tank

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ok so i have put some photos of this tank up a while ago when i had two green terror's and they just had babies.. i thought i would add some pics of what it looks like now.. its quite different and i reckon it looks alot better. also for those that say "dont mix americans with africans" i have had a blue regal peacock i think its called in there for about a month and he is doing fine.. infact he chases the gouramis when they come too close.. also the green terrors i have arent really terrors, they might chase each other a little bit then head back to there territories but nothing brutal(yet).. i have four the larger male(my first)is 14-15cm,then the larger female i about10cm and two which i think are male and female aswell are about 8-9cm.. ok enough talking, enjoy, more to come







this was before


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hey shon, thanks for the compliment. the big plant at the back seems to be growing pretty well in the sand, i cant remember the name of it now but im pretty sure they get most of there nutrients from the water column.. the java fern is just held down by the drift wood and rocks that are surrounding then.. the anubus are all attached to the drift wood and i have a small crypt on one of the bits too.. and the echin in the front right was held down by a flat rock till its roots established.. it seems to be growing quite well. oh and the val in the left hand side i got from a local creek. when i collected it it was like two small bunches about 5cm tall, now look at it, plus they were growing in sandy substrate where i got them from.. the twisted val in the back right is fake by the way its just there to hide the filter inlet.. im glad you liked it. il be adding some more soon

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Yeah i really like the setup, its not planted completely and the plants look really neat, growing well and everything

Well i'm gonna give it a go, having plants in sand and using some rocks or driftwood

Do you add additives, ferts or anything special?

Just using sand and good lighting?

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hey thanks, im glad you like it.. yeah i try to keep it looking good all the time, it does get away from me from time to time though..

good luck with it, let me know when you get it up and running. well i add nutrafin plant grow iron enriched when i do a water change every two weeks thats all.. im actually surprised at how ell everything is growing so far.. my lighting is on for about 3-4 hours in the morning then turns off for 6 and then on again for 4 at night.. they are two 36 watt tubes i think i will check and let you know if there not.. the reason i dont light for a constant 8-10hr period id cos i was getting green spot algea from not using co2.. yes thats right i dont use co2

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yeah i've had my tank (2 foot tank im going to use) cycling for 3 weeks now, i had LOTS of green hair algae, i believe thats what its called but now its slowly dying down

I'd probably run the same timing as you a few hours in the morning then a few in the afternoon/night since im at school during the day time

I'm using just 2 filters, a heater and a T5 lighting with two 24W bulbs, one is a 10,000K daylight bulb and the other is a 470Nm blue atinic bulb from when i used to have saltwater fish and no i wont be using CO2 either :P

So some hardy plants, drift wood and sand should work :) sweet

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that was the main reason i wasnt lighting all day aswell cos i wasnt here anyway.. plus it was making causing algea.. im pretty sure you get algea when you start a tank cos the plant arent fully established and are still a little stressed from the different water(if you didnt use water from where they came from?) and thats when the algae starts using all the nutrients before the plants have a chance to.. unless they are really fast growing plants.. well thats what im led to believe anyways correct me if im wrong?

well my filters are 2 eheim 2213 as you proly seen in one of the photos, plus an orca submersible filter with just two spoges for extra filtration and water movement. i have a 300watt heater and a orca double t8 36watt light, plus four large pieces of driftwood which i think makes it look more natural with the tannins, and thats about it..

i would just like to say that this has worked for me so far and may not work for you? but thats not saying it cant.. its all about trial and error really.. im glad i could help

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haha, i got four green terrors, one peacock, one pictus cat(i know it should be in a group but at $36 a cat it can wait) three gouramis, a BN about 7cm, and a SAE about 6cm, plus about 10-15 glass shrimp.. there are no bargains around here

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nice variety :P

lol yeah i think the cat would like to be in a group...

but that price seems pretty good though

i paid $120 for a group of 3 cuckoo catfish from the pet store

lol there are bargains once in a while :P

one time i bought 89 pieces of good sized rocks for $65!

and $100 for 6 black calvus :laugh:

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i suppose its not too bad, but i would like to get a bigger tank before i start adding too many more fish to this tank cos those GTs are going to take it over eventually.

well that is a good find.. i really love calvus but our water is too soft and not alkiline enough for those fellas.. and i didnt want to spend heaps oftime trying to get my water parameters right before every water change so i decided to go with what suits my water abit better.. we dont even have calvus here in bundy anyways..

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hey i got some more pics.. these guys are blimin hard to take photos of, i swear they know what im trying to do.. plus i have a little bit too much cover in my tank to get a good clear shot of them.. but i did my best.. also after i did a water change today a couple of them stated to get jiggy with it.. but im a little confuse cos i thought that the two that are dancing were boys.. i could be wrong though? so i if i am, im thinking i could have some more babies soon? any ways heres some of the pics. :P









do you think the one on the left is a male?






what do you think?

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