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Moving house, help needed!

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Hey Guys,

So it looks like im going to chinchilla at the start of next year for work. For those of you who dont know its about 4 hrs North west of brisbane.

I'm tossing up whether to take my fish tanks with me or to sell up and leave it all behind...

At the moment i have a 4ft, a 2ft, and a 1.5ft cube.

I was thinking of just selling off the 4ft and contents and keeping the 2ft and 1.5ft due to their ease of management/setup/maintinence.

My main concerns are 1) that i will proly be moving every year from when i get to chinchilla (graduate rotations..)

2) the fish surviving the move??

3) the tanks surviving the move..

I have a Ute that i would plan to take the tanks and fish in, cause i wouldnt trust that stuff with the removalist trucks.

My fish are as follows.


10 x clown loaches

8 x paki loaches

4x large common/orange spot BN

1 x large golden algae eater

1 x large rainbow shark

1x large red tail black shark

1 x medium angel

1 x medium keyhole cichlid

2 x bolivian rams

4 x glass catfish

5 x black widow tetras

20 ish x lemon tetras

3 x mystus catfish

2 x pristella tetras

2x smallish albino BN


lots of cherry shrimp

breeding pair peppermints

endlers galore

lots of baby BN, albino & common

1.5ft cube

few cherry shrimp

10x mixed albino and common BN

So does anyone have any hints/tips to taking these on a 4hr trip...??

Cheers for any help


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For the fish either buckets or eskis with half tank and half fresh water and battery operated air pumps would be good. Don't let em get too hot so use the aircon. Pack the fish up last and unpack them first so they have the least possible travel time.

Drain the tank whilst doin a gravel siphon but leave just enough water to cover the gravel. Put internal filters or atleast theyre sponge in a sealed container of fish tank water. If using a canister close taps off with water inside.

Fill tank using freshwater the water the fish are in is probably pretty dirty after 4 plus hours.

Hope this helps...

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