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Setting up a sump

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Hi folks,

I've got a spare 2ft tank that i'm going to make into a sump for my 4x2x2 cos one of my canisters decided to start leaking and i wanna hide all the bits n bobs. I've been doing some reading and so far my plan is:

2x1x1 sump with bio balls, sponge and coral media

2 drain pipes (one overflow in each corner)

3500lph submersable pump

2 return pipes with spraybars

Is the pump size ok and what size pipe should i use? I'm hoping for around 2000lph flow.

Also where is the best place around Brisbane to buy acrylic and PVC pipe?

Any help would be appreciated :D



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By overflows do u mean a spillover (dam) or just pipes running to the surface?

I found much better flow from spill overs, I ran my 6x2x2 with just 1 spillover but my 4x2x2 using the same sump needed 2 holes in the back of the tank to get the same flow.


I've been told Tony Powell has the cheapest plumbing or these guys http://www.wetearth.com.au/start.asp are cheap if your buying enough to cover freight, but good to have a looka around and get ideas.

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