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fluval 105 or ehiem 2213

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If you have messy fish - Fluval 105 .

If not use the Eheim

Fluval is easier to maintain and clean but has less surface on the media not a lot of difference in the flow .

I have both and use them where they are because they are suited to the particular purpose - also the Aqua one CF canisters are OK and cheap the CF 700 is about the same price - the taps start leaking after about 3 years but replacements are available and not that expensive .

My personal preference for ease of use is the Fluval but I dislike their hoses and hook overs .

Also the fluval is by far the least fragile .

I have 4 @ Eheim 2213 2@Fluval 105 2@fluval 205 2@Aqua One CF700 1@Aqua One CF500 1@Aqua one CF1000 .

I like the Fluval 205 the best on a 3foot tank

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Aqua One canisters are crap. We dont sell them anymore due to all the issues with leaking seals.

Fluvals are way better. Ehiems are a pain if you set them up with pads or carbon in the middle because to get to the centre all the media above has to come out.

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