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Pregnant Royal Whiptail - help

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hey guys

ive been involved in the whole aquarium thing for about 5 months now and i am addicted, but i havent had the chance to breed or have frys yet so i dont know what to do.

i bought a royal whiptail today and the fish shop reckons it is pregnant which i believe also.

do these lay eggs or are they liveborns?

What is required for them to lay eggs on? rocks?if so how many?

and how do i go about getting the fry after they are born?

every bit of help is very much appreciated,

thnx kenny

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With royal whiptails i breed them in a community tank they usually lay on a internal filter or a log or some times the glass, I hatch them into a fry saver after 2 days i then put them in a 4 foot grow tank with crystal clear water (polished) i get about a 90% survival rate, last batch i hatched 90 eggs and ended up with a lot of fry very high %, If you put them in a fry saver for one or two days thats fine but i think it is best to put them in a larger grow tank and from 1 to 2 cm they actively clean the glass and search for food, When i put food in with in minutes the bottom is covered in fry, Once in the grow tank i have only found one or two dead fry from malnutrition and not with every batch just every now and then. I know have some perfectly formed dwarf royal whiptails cute little fish around 10 cm not including whip. The female can be gravid not pregnant and you need a male to complete the spawning.

I hope this helps Henk

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