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Sump\Cannister\or whatever filter sponges

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Hi Guy's

i have for sale some Black sump filter sponges, i use these on my sumps and they are awesome, makes cleaning a breeze, throw alittle dacron on the top and go for it.

These ones measure 45cm x45cm x5cm thick, can be cut easily. I have seen these used in sumps, cannisters, box filters or modified with an intake and used as bed filters whatever your needs are. Brand New!!!

I have 10 to sell

$25ono each


Thank you

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Hiya Rod

Matey they could definately be cut up and used for sponge filters, i do also have single and double sponge filters for sale soon,

let me know if u want the big slab though they are going fast only 3 left

and juss for u i will immerse them in condies crystals juss for you god awful snail fetish


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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