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Hi guys, i've just set up a freshwater tank with guppies, mollies and two BN catfish and all my male guppies have died but my females have had fry. Could anyone please give me info on why only the males have died and also any tips on raising the fry? I did buy all of the males from the same tank so maybe this could have something to do with it?

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Hey welcome aboard :candycane:

Sucks about the guppies :(

I keep the adults away from the fry as they will eat them :lol: i just bought one of those little fry saver nets n throw the babies in there works well :egrin: other than that a well planted tank will provide cover. I just feed mine crushed up flake or baby brine shrimp but ask around there's ppl on here with waaaaay more experience than me ;)

post some pics up in photography & ask the guppie question in diseases n u might have more response 8)

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Welcome 2 ya :) I accident posted this in the wrong reply, sorry. So here it is J&J

On that point driftwood helps to lower ph but not stabilize it. Other ppls may help more as I dont keep guppies and dont have to worry about ph to much as long as they stay stable with frequent water changes. I only adjust if they r miles out. Mind you have have 2 500 ltr ponds at 9ph at the moment with goldfish, bn's and heaps of african ciclid fry in it. All this rain has caused it (I assume) to many ltrs to try adjust. So will see what happens. Ive always been told stable ph is the key otherwise you tend to chase your tail.

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