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FS display & breeding tanks, various sizes, cheap

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Selling about 10 freshwater tanks.

Balinese display tank, complete set-up, 65cm wide, 70cm high, 10mm glass, lids, stand, hood, two 2 foot lights, gravel, aquasun canister filter, heater $250 (will not separate)


6x2x2 african cichlid tank, 10mm glass, lids, hood with lights, cabinet is jarra timber overlaid on a box steel frame with shelf, 2217 eheim canister filter, plus another powerhead type filter, 300watt heater, african cichlid gravel plus a few large african display cichlids. $375


Two 2x12x15 $20 each

Two 2x12x12 $20 each

One 2x18x18 $30, 6mm glass with lids

Two 19x20x20 $20 each, 6mm

One 19x20x16 $20 , 6mm

All have lids

Pick up sinnamon park, no holding thanks


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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