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anyone in beaudesert?

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Being a bit of a recluse, I tend to spend most of my time at home with my fish. This doesnt bother me untill I have to move my big tanks around. The number of tanks increases as $ allow the need for some kind of help is becoming apparent. Anyone in the Beauy area that is interested in giving a hand in a labour trade or for a few fish or just to come over and see my lounge room/petshop would be greatly appreciated. My current dilemma is a 6x2x2 that I need to get running asap for a matched P.Bass pair. I have only fairly recently moved to Beaudesert so most of my friends are still on the coast and percieve the drive as to far to help me move a tank. Which is fair enough. Added to all this I have a broken rib atm. Kinda slowing me down a bit. I look forward to meeting any keen Beauy aquarists.



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