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Will plecos be compatible ?

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It’s a 35 gallon 130L 3ft tank that currently has a Kribensis pair, 7 Venezuelan Cory’s, 10 diamond tetra and 1 angelfish. While the kribs breed I do not see any aggression towards the angelfish and the angel fish is not aggressive with any other fish the kribs do chase the Cory’s and tetra but they are faster and are usually able to out swim the kribs. I want to add some L397 plecos but I am unsure weather or not the bottom level of the tank will be overstocked with the kribs and Cory’s. I am thinking maybe 3 but not sure.

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kribs arent African rift lake cichlids

the kribs are west african cichlids from nigeria and cameroon theyre from the Ethiope river ,which forms part of the Niger Delta, the Niger delta can have ph as low as 5.9 , right through to brackish type waters 

all the fish mentioned will tolerate our tap water perameters, its keeping them constant and not having ph swings and even hardness fluctuations that is probably more important

the only concern i might have is really with caves, pleco males basically spend all daylight hours in them..... and kribs are also known cave spawners and can get terrotorial , 

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