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I keep and breed tanganyikans, was on this forum before known as the couple 'wombat' (adrian and lisa) but we broke up, so this is the lisa half here.

I am going to keep going with the fish hobby for now but I will be downsizing a little in the near future.

Any one interested in a 9ft stand with three x 3ftx18"x18" tanks....?

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hi lisa i am sorry to hear that you and adrian broke up but i guess on the up side at least when you come in to the chat we wont have to ask is it lisa or adrian :lol::lol: sorry had to be said but it is not funny hearing about you two splitting pm me with a price for the tanks

i am glad to hear you are still going to continue with the fish it would be a big loss to lose your quality fry when they are available

hope you will continue coming in to chat and saying hi

see you around the forum


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Thanks everyone.

I keep and breed Tanganyikans, have all the same stuff I had before, have moved some on though.

This is what I have left:

Neolamprologus multifaciatus (breeding)

Neolamprologus leleupi (growing out)

Pseudotropheus demasoni (breeding)

Lepidiolamprologus hecqui (breeding)

Albino paracyprichromis nigripinnis (display)

Julidochromis transcriptus gombe (growing out)

Frontosa burundi (growing out)

Eretmodus cyanostictus Bulu Pt. (display)

Variabilichromis moorii (breeding)

Neolamprologus sexfaciatus gold (breeding)

Chalinochromis ndobnoi (display)

Xenotilapia (Enantiopus) melanogenys (growing out)

Tropheus kaiser II (T. Kiriza) (growing out)

I have heaps of fry, will list them as they reach saleable size.

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