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need help with albino bristlenose..

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hey guys, a friend of mine gave me his 2 albino long fin females after he lost his male... the problem is 1 female has died within 48 hours and i think the second isnt far behind.... all my albinos look healthy but these are really pale in colour and look really skinny... the female left is almost pale white can anyone help me with this and how to treat any info is much appreciated.


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Hi Chris,

If they are "normal intestinal worms" you wont see any worm, but you may see white or stringy poos & skinny bellies. Tape worms you don't usually see either.

It definately sounds like worms to me, sorry :perplex:

Just hope for your sake it is normal intestinal worms & not the dreaded "bum ones!" 8O (Cammalanus!!!! :hothead: )

As Frinkie said, check for any "hair like things" protruding out of vent.

& pray you don't see anything! :petrified:

My advice,

I would definately be worming them all now!.

Hope that helps,

Jaynee :flower:

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ok thanx heaps for the much needed info, i have them in a 3x18x18 there is 1 female and a male i added i was a bit suss on it so i put them in a tank by them selfs..

i cant see anything coming from her or his vents... what is the best way to treat worms.. i wanna do this asap.. thank you

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