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I bought fish twice and that was twice to many times and when i got the fish they where not in good condition and not what i ordered, It took 6 weeks to get them and they sent me extra of one lot to balance out the short fall of another lot they where still short $100 worth of fish it then took a further 6 weeks to get the refund and i had to got through pay-pal to get the money back they where not going to refund it, all the fish where colourless and sickly and died within two weeks so what a waste of $300 and the prices i don't think i need to say anything about prices. The plants you never get what is in the picture not even close They also operate around the Brisbane area and to take 6 weeks to get some fish from one suburb to another is ridiculous.

:egrin: But some people say they are good and have no problem with them so this opinion is based on my experience with them 2 years ago so maybe they have changed.

anonymous :lol:

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I have used them multiple times (a few late last year and once this year) and their service has been good, when it gets busy they can run out of supply before updating the site, Im a member of their forum and alot of members said they used to have very bad communication and used to take a long time to process orders and stuff but they seem to have fixed that problem, maybe they have a new system or have more staff?

The livestock is reasonable priced, always recieved what i ordered, with glass shrimp always got extra, the fish are younger than what u would usually see in a lfs but that explains the cheaper pricing.

Postage charges areused to be 15.99 but i think theyre 7.99 now right? but sometimes they have specials where u get half price shipping ro free shipping.

Overall im happy with them and as long as uu know the fish are young i would recoomend them.

Nick :)

PS: all my orders were over 100.00

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