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Hi, my name is Denis,have just joined this forum as I believe 2 heads are better than 1 & information is like free beer at a B-B-Q,you can never have enough. I like to keep big fish as contrary to popular belief size does matter.

No not really I like to keep a couple of large oscars as they have a great personality & its just like having a dog in the house without the little accidents.Have noted on this forum that no one mentions much about oscars or as on a previous forum Tank Busters.So hows eveyone hangun???


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hi denis the menis,

i agree with you, you can never have enough information.

also i agree oscars are cool, they have the best personality, nothing like feeding them a bloodworm. i used to hold mine above the tank and they would practically want to jump out of the tank.

welcome and dont be shy join into as much as you can.


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