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ph level problems

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iam currently breeding a large number of bristlenose catfish

they are in all different size tanks in each tank i have drift wood in all tanks are

running the same water. my problem is that my ph is around 9-10 maybe even

higher i want to find out if anyone knows a way of lowering the ph level

to around 7 ish.

i have one 2ft tank iam using for a test tank when i first tested the tank

the ph reading was over 10 and i added 7 teaspoons of ph down to the aquarium

and lowered it down to 7 and i waited a day tested again and it went back up

to over 9

if anyone has a way of keeping water down around 7 or anyway of making a large

water tank keep ph down please let me know. as using so much ph down is expensive.


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u sure your test kit is working correctly .... a ph that high would start to dissolve your pipes after a while

take a sample into your local shop and get them to test it

if your using tap water try rain water its alot lower ph drift wood will help drop the ph but its slowly going to do it though

if your ph is stable the fish will be fine its the sudden raising and lowering that will make them suffer if not kill them so go easy on the chemicals to try remedy it

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thanks for the advice mad.

yeah the water coming out of my tap which is rain water and a poly water tank

is blue blue more than my ph for my marine fish.

my african cichlids love the water

but my gold severums and uaras hate it

my colonies of bristlenoses havn't breed at all in the last six months and everything is right

beside the ph of the water.

is there anything you can buy from maybe a pool place or something that lowers ph levels in a

large quanity of water in a 5000l water tank?

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Mate i feel your frustration..since moving to Bundy it,s been a constant battle to lower and stabilize the pH..not to mention softening the water as well

I have 2x500 ltr Drums to hold the water prior to transfer into my tanks..i run the water from the tap through carbon filters and then add what ever products i need to,one of those is Hydrochloric acid..35mls to 500lts drops the pH to below 7 down to usually 6-6.5

But this is where the challenge comes,trying to stabilize the pH..i am thinking of things like Indian Almond leaves..salts etc,i am open to any and all suggestions from the wise people on this forum

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Have you tested your Kh this is the major factor in stabilizing ph. Also I might suggest contacting fishchicks she has the catapang concentrate in liquid.

I find it hard to fathom that rainwater has a high ph unless the poly is affecting it. BUt stranger things have happened.

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I think i need to explain this a bit more,Bundaberg draws it,s water from bores and this is where i think the problems start..after treatment and i don,t know what they do with it..it is very hard and pH unstable

The Poly Tanks are not the problem...until 6months ago we lived 90 minutes down the road and the water was not a problem as it came from an open catchment ,and this is why i have been struggling with this water situation here..The only issue with the water at Hervey Bay is Chlorine which is easy to fix

Anyway we will struggle on..but i think i am getting there..i will publish the next lot of water tests

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thank you to everyone that gave advice

iam assuming there is no commerical treatment

for bringing down ph in water, thats a dame shame

will test the kh and it's within the range

one question in regards to adding acid you can't add that to aquariums that have fish in it?

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Evo,i add all my additives including acid to the holding tanks i mentioned before..i take readings of the new water and then a week later i re do the tests,to see what the water has done

I keep a diary of everything i do..so i can refer back

Hope this helps

Ps...I am going to try peat moss next

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Ok that explains it better bore water is always going to have a high ph because of the mineral cotent. I would suggest either peat moss or katapang liquid it soften the water. Using ph down is only a quick fix it wont stay stable. There are also a number of tannin extracts now available. That will do the trick.

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Braddo,thanks for the input..what i was having a problem with was pH stability

I have since begun using Indian Almond leaves in my holding tanks..the change is profound

Fish are healthy and spawn after a water change..i do use Purigen and it clears the water after a few days..but these leaves are magic

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I'd suggest the water has very high TDS(total dissolved solids)

You can't ADD chemicals to reduce TDS.....If you add chemicals to reduce ph.....you increase TDS

You have 2 choices.....collect rainwater or process the water in a RO unit.....this will give you almost pure water......I'd never use this water without adding some tap water

Add this water to the tap water to achieve desired result......peat and ketapang will only help if the water is soft(lowTDS) in the first place

Start 50/50 and go from there

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hi guys

thanks for the input i think i kinda fixed the issues

since we have had so much rain up here just took all the water out my water tank cleaned it out and let the rain fill it again

one thing i did notice when i was cleaning out the rain water tank there so a pipe in there holding the insides up and it seemed to be metal of so kind if it's gal, brass or copper would be

making my water so high ph ?

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In nature there are 2 extremes

Rain water filtered through dead plants.......very soft/acid

Rain water filtered through ground where it picks up/dissolves minerals....very hard/alkaline

there are lots of variations between these 2 extremes....

However I'm unaware of any natural water that is very soft/alkaline or very hard/acid

So if you have very hard water and chemically alter it from Alkaline to acid....you may get a number(ph) you are looking for

but in my opinion you have missed the point.....and that is giving fish as natural environment as possible

It is a mistake not to look at the whole chemical composition of the water and focus on only manipulating one aspect....ie ph

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Paul Li Tank not a problem, until six months ago, we live 90 minutes walking and water is not a problem because it comes from an open water catchment area, which is why I have been trying the case with this water. The only problem here in Hervey Bay is a water-chlorine solution that is easy to fix.

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