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FOR SALE 20,000 litre growout system $4500

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For sale.

This setup consists of a 6x4m above ground pool with a set of floating cages and floating framework to keep them in place. I will get the exact dimensions of the cages for interested persons. All of the cages are 50cm deep to allow circulation of water below. This can be used to growout a massive amount of fish and their colour will be far more intense than tank raised fish due to the natural sunlight and algae in the water. I was putting through 2000 goldfish per week (will be able to hold more in winter when oxygen can be higher due to lower temps). The tank is filtered by a Nexus Eazy 300. An Evolution Aqua 170lpm airpump supplies the nexus and an 3/4hp onga supplies the water. Airation of the cages and tank is done by a HI-Blow 200 airpump, with large airstones in each cage and 2 x 60cm Colorite Aerotube diffuser bars at each end of the pool. A retractable shadecloth cover keeps the birds out but allows light in for algae and surface plant growth (nitrate control). Simply to maintain and to move fish just lift out the cage and tip them into a bucket.

Will sell as a complete package for $4500 including pool. Everything is in near new or new condition and has been in use for 1 year.

or split

nexus eazy 300 complete including an extra 100 litres of media. $2200

evolution aqua air pump $400

hi blow 200 $700

cages and floating framework $500

3/4 hp onga $150

retractable cover $500

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yeah at feeding time it actually gets quite loud with them all sucking at the surface, especially once they smell the food but their cage hasn't been fed yet. couple of pics when it was stocked. am selling up alot of stuff to head overseas. Cleaning is very simple, basically hose the cage clean when taking a batch out. There is a second pump that is used just to circulate the water in a circular motion which is helped by the rounded ends. This causes all the sh*t and particles in the water to be forced to the middle of the pool where the uptake for the nexus is plumbed in. I have only done 1 water change in a year, have just topped up water that is lost through flushing/ cleaning the nexus. This can be used to any type of fish not just goldies.

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disease is always an issue, esp with high stocking rates. Just watch your water quality, any disease outbreaks always have an underlying source. Quarantine all new stock, to stop anything making its way into your tanks. I did lose a few breeders when I put some new fish in it. Funny how they were just released from quarantine. Lesson learnt. Quarantine for yourself. Have meds on stock and have enough to treat everything. The only thing has has caused any problems is oxygen levels and maintaining it as close to saturation as possible. When heavily stocked I can measure significant differences between the O2 in the cage and in the outer pool. The nexus did a good job of catching alot of the algae out of the water which limited any pH swings during the day and O2 drop at night.

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