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fry dieing

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hey peoples,

just need a little help been trying to raise heaps of fry latley but not doing so good. in one tank we had about 200 braselenes(how ever you spell it) and then added some lombardi we have a sponge filter running it and now we have less then 50 fry all together. i seen some eating one another but how important is it to keep the same size fry together? and any other suggestions would help.

in my other fry tank we had some lombardi, hongi and something else, probally about 50 fry all together and now 12 fry, what the hell is going on, i dont see the point in trying to breed them when they just disapear.(excuse the french)

cheers kel

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here are some picture of my fry tank, it is a 2x18x16 and i have just put in a divider to divide the free swimming fry from the older fry which is ard 1.5-2cm. I have 2cm staying with up to 4cm fry in a same tank with no problem but it seems that the smaller fry will grow faster if i separate the bigger ones from the smaller ones.





all tanks are link to a sump but i do have a sponge filter in each of the tank.



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Hi Kel,

Being realistic you are never going to get 100%.If you are doing this for a bit a fun,if you can get 50% your doing well. I have had a couple of mouth fulls of elec yellows & blues previously which I put into a fry tank which I set up similar to what you have described,feeding them on initally on some liquid fry food I got from an aquarium then onto crushed flake food.This seemed to be successful for me but depending on the species & size of fry the larger ones could start picking at the smaller ones this would be enough to knock a few of. If your really serious you would need to monitor the size & probably sort them into two takes as some will grow faster than others.

Hang in there :) soon you will have more small fish than you will know what to do with.

Cheers - Denis

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The problem with raising fry

Is you have to get both tanks around the same

Ph /temp

Too much of a change and the fish will not do well

And the older fish will bully the younger and smaller ones so thay tend to grow slower

And put a few hiding placers in just to make the fry feel a little saver


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Firstly volkslid, full in your location, on your profile please.

With the fish you have you should have better survival rates. Fish will eat whatever fits in their mouth, especially juvies.

My main question is if the comment above doesn't apply. Then look at the amounts of water changes, fry need clean water.

If they are eating each other, you need to separate them out the fry more.

It is hard for us to call from here. We`can only give you the options.

Frenchy :D

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frenchy said/ the amounts of water changes, fry need clean water.

ive found that fry actually grow faster in slighty aged water then in water that is sparkling clean , then again that is my experience anyway. try and seperate them if necessary ,say one mouthfull to a frysaver or even an 4l icecream container with an airstone is enough .

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