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Want to give breeding peppermints a go.

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Hey guys, I want to start a little breeding project going and I've decided to give peppermint bristlenose a try. But before I spend heaps of money I want to make sure my plans are adequate:

My breeding tank will be 3ft x 15inch x 18inch. The tank is also full of driftwood, and I'll have ceramic pots and breeding caves in there as well for extra cover. Is this too big for my purposes? I'll also be using it to grow out fry for the first couple of weeks when they're still small and fragile. I then have a second 3ft tank that I will use as my main grow-out for older fry.

My tap water here in Springwood is generally between 7.4 - 7.6 or thereabouts. It's been a little while since I checked. Is this too high for pepps? I do have some Seachem products (Neutral Regulator, Discus Buffer) which I can use to alter the water if pepps are unlikely to breed in it straight out of the tap.

Unfortunately there's no room in my house for a dedicated fish room (I wish lol), so the breeding tanks are going to have to go in my bedroom out of necessity. The sun never shines directly through either of the windows and I usually only have one of the blinds open, so the room never gets more than moderately lit - are pepps likely to breed if not kept in constant darkness?

My other concern is that my computer is also in my room, which means noise (mainly music). I never have it thumping and the sound isn't near the tank, and is aimed away from it. Would this have any effect on the pepps?

I want to use duckweed as a makeshift nitrate filter on the tank, for this I'm thinking it might be a good idea to get a small (probably 2ft light) for the tank. Good idea or not?

Thanks for the help guys. :)

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