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FS: 4ft fish tank set up + accessories

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Hey Guys

I am moving up to brissy soon so i'm getting rid of my tank and everything fish related as well.

For sale is the tank which is 120cm x 50cmx 50cm, the tank has no leaks and comes with lids.

The wooden stand the tank is on, and the sand and rocks in the tank (you dont need to use the sand rocks if ya dont want I just dont have time to get rid of it).

Aswell as the 150w heater, pump, external cannister filter which is 1500 l/hr, 3ft light with a white and blue bulbs, nets, syphon, rift lake salts, ph water testing kit, food.

Selling everything together as i dont have the time to sell individual bits and peaces. $300 for it all


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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