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algae problem??

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ok, something to think about

heres the thing

i have never had and very rarely have problems with algae

but i have a 2 foot tank that untill recently (maybee 3 months ago) had salt water in it, live rock, coral sand, nemo, all the shit.

I cleaned it out, scrubbed it with tap water, dried it in the sun, filled it with fresh water, gravel, rocks etc

added some tetra, guppies bn

now it has massive green algae problems, its growing only on the gravel and it thick

now for the next bit.

A mate lent me 4 foot tank maybee 18 moths ago, i used it for a marine ( salt setup), for maybee 12 months

about 3-4 months ago i gave it back to him, clean and scrubbed

he set it up with fresh water, new gravel, canister, cichlids

and damn it but he gets crazy algae problems, green algae on the gravel..

SO.. am i cursed? is there a pattern emerging?? any ideas??

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dodododododo thats weird :lol::lol:

i have no idea but i would say it must have something to do with being used as a marine tank by the sounds of it i just dont know or understand what or why

sorry goerge but will be interesting to find out why :lol::lol::twisted:

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