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Trade. 2 foot tank and other stuff

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I am after a 90cm long, 60cm high and 45cm wide glass tank WITH lids

White sand and a filter (optional)

I have the following for TRADE:

2 foot glass tank - 60cm long, 45cm high, 30cm wide

Has a built on trickle filter (best to put filter wool in) and the pump does 460L/hr

A helia power filter HL-BT400

Plastic background to fit the tank

Plastic hood for the tank, which has built in LED lights but the LEDs dont work and the feeding flap thing is sort of broken

A piece of drift wood (cost me $90 from pine rivers aquarium) as seen in the tank which has some anubis on it but I'm not sure if its going to live much longer

4 rocks (might be able to throw in some more)

Substrate is sand mixed with black gravel, enough to cover the bottom but the gravel can be separated from the sand if you want

~300G of OSI spriulina pellets

Lastly a tank 31cm long, 18cm wide, and 20cm high WITH GLASS LIDS

and will throw in a purple spotted gudgeon ~5cm

I will clean out everything before handing it over :)


Pick up only, No media is included with filters

Both tanks have been used for saltwater and freshwater purposes

PM me please for offers or questions

Reason for sale: wanting to upgrade to cater for new fish

Note the pictures show the tank as it is now, it really isnt as dirty looking after a clean + tannins have been leached :lol: I let it go since I wasn't keeping anything in it


Thanks :egrin:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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