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ph Problems

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Hi guys, im just setting up my second tank and im having trouble with the ph. I want to keep only guppies in the tank and hopefully breed them but i cant seem to reduce the ph for more than half a day or so :( . Does anyone have any tips on how i could reduce it and keep it steady or even what is causing this to happen?

I am currently using ph down to lower it and it has worked for my other tank that has mollies, guppies and bn catfish.



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Why lower the ph???

Guppies prefer hard alkaline water!!

I keep mine in same water as my Tangs!!

My advise....leave it as is and if you want to lower ph....reduce water hardness first(add rainwater)

well i gotta agree with ma snaillovingsumphatingwierdmateyROD here, i have all my guppies breeding in very hard water, coral rubble, shell grit, more suitable to tangs and they are thriving, guppies are much better suited to this than soft water, less susceptable to disease etc, dont waste your time with ph up or down its useless, leave them stable at your current ph level and u will be fine, using ph up and or down all the time actually screws them up more than juss being a constant :)


Rod still hate snails u sickoslimylovingdude

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Thanks guys. I have lowered it a bit as i am introducing some bn catfish tomorrow but it is still at a steady ph 8.2 wich i believe both species of fish should be comfortable. Thanks again for all your help.


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