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New Tank

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Great pics mate. Love to see the thread updated with some non blue shots. Nice looking calvus too, great finnage. I know this tank has been a long time coming, grats mate - looks tops!

Like the aquascaping too, If I was a shellie i'd live there!

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Nice tank McFish.

Would like to see the rock pile on the right built up much higher. I believe there are a couple of thousand nice looking rocks just laying around out the front of the big green shed next door to your work that you could choose from.

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Hey all

here is update on my tank.

its a little bare atm.

but am hoping to make some big caves outta the rocks i got for the fronnies when i sell the calvus.

hope u like

cheers ben

the group of 6


this is the biggest fish in the tank. think it will be the alpha


the group


Sailfin Gibb i got last week. cant wit till it gets bigger



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