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What sort of fish are you after?

You can try putting bread in a clear 2 litre coke bottle the fish swim in eat the bread you go and pick up the bottle and whatevers inside. Obviously works best in shallow water and with small enough fish.

You could get a dilly type setup with fine mesh and put some sort of bait in the middle when fish swim in and start eating pull the net up as fast as you can. Can also use a 20 litre bucket with lots of small holes drilled.

Could also try the opera house bait traps not to bad... grab them now though as I think they are going to ban them soon if not allready.



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As Taken from the DPI web site

No age limit applies to people using freshwater fishing gear. In freshwater areas, fish may only be caught using:

* a fishing line that consists of a hand-held line with or without a pole, reel or rod

* a trap that can be a canister trap, collapsible trap, dilly trap, funnel trap or round trap

* a scoop or dip net (cast nets and bait nets cannot be used)

* a set line.

A scoop or dip net must not exceed 1 m in any dimension, with a handle no longer than 2.5 m and a mesh size of no more than 25 mm.


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