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Breeding set up for sale with fish *SOLD*

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Hi ive got a great breeding set up for sale,as my time is very limited at the moment with work :(

there is a total off 6 tanks ,4 at 900 long by 450 wide by 500 high

1 at 1200 long by 400 wide by 460 high

1 at 600 long by 450 wide by 450 high,all with internal filters and sponge filters and heaters and a six outlet air pump all on steel stand painted black (50 by 25mm steel)and all with lids

Fish in deal-electric yellows 15 at 5 to 8cm top quality

electric blues 11 at 6 to 8cm ,2m 9f

mainganos 12 at 5 to 8cm unsure of sex

common bristlenose 2m 2f at 10cm with heaps of fry 50+

Dolphins 8 at 8 to 11cm - have breed

cobalt blues 9 at 7 to 9cm, 2m 7f i think

kingsizeis 6 at 7 to 8cm ,2m 4f

neon spots 4 at 5 to 7cm 2m 2f

convicts 3 at 7 to 10cm 1m 2f -wont stop breeding

black calvus 5 at 5 to 6cm

clown loaches 2 at 8cm

rustys 3 at 4 to 8cm

over $450.00 just in fish

all in new condition $1000.00 ph 0439466977












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Sorry to see ya go Steve and your not to fair away from me Ither

A lot of systems have been sold over the last 12 month

There is just never enough time in a day i gess

Well mate if you have to seprat the system and fish

What would u be asking for the cobalt blues 9 at 7 to 9cm, 2m 7f ?


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