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Hi all...looking to make the American to African switch soon

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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to make the switch from American to African cichlids, as trying to keep discus isn't working out very well (so hard to keep the pH down using Capalaba tap water!). I figure it would be a lot easier to boost the pH rather than lowering...

Anyway, I already put up a post in another section, so I figure I might as well do the same here...

My tank is 72"x24"x18", so I fugure I've got enough space to get a nice colony of some mbunas, as well as other Malawi cichlids. My wife wants to make sure that there are colours in the tank, and when I showed them some photos of Malawis, she suddenly became less interested in the two surviving discus in the tank (hopefully I can get rid of them soon!). The trouble has been with keeping the water acidic. Even with a 1 meter long log (and quite thick too), the ph has always stayed above 7, despite having additives as well. So, I figure that it would be a lot easier to boost the ph, hence why I am looking at making the switch. Plus, the discus only seem to want to eat live blackworms, so it gets quite annoying having to buy them every weekend.

Anyway, I'd be interested in finding out if any local(ish) breeders in the Brisbane/goldcoast area would have any excess stock they'd be looking at getting rid of (for a good price) to a Malawi newbie. I figure that I'd like to get some electic yellows, some Pseudo. saulosi and/or socolosi, some Rusties, and maybe even a few colourful peacocks. As long as I can get a good combination of movement and colour, I'd be happy, as would the wife be (our tank is a showpiece). If I can get them breeding as well, that would be a great bonus if even just to watch

Since I'm on the topic, if there are any discus enthusiasts (since they are a beautiful fish, I just don't have the time to look after them as well as they deserve), I'll be looking at getting rid of my two survivors (the big one is about 8 cm in dia and really starting to colour nicely.. a red turq I think, with the other about 6 cm and beginning to show some nice colour), so if anyoen would like to buy them ($25 each maybe?), let me know. Also, I don't know if I should keep the big log, so if anyone would like to buy that as well (about 1 metre long, with a well established Anubias nana (?) attached to it, as well as an Anubias jackobi attached also). Based on what is sold in the shops, it would have to be worth at LEAST $200, but i'll sell it for less than that..

Take care, and I look forward to being more active in this forum...


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Welcome to the form Doug

Ya if you want any malawies just look through the fish trader or just ask some 1 should have what you want

The discus are probly worth $30 each but some 1 might want to swap for fish you are after

Ciclids like the ph to be from 7 to 8.5 and the water to be hard so some crushed coral in your filter or sump will help with it or you can use shell grit

If you have any questions you can ask and the questions will be anwsered pritty quick on here

So good luck and I will see you around


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If you want to sell the discus I will take them.

For my planted tank I have buckets outside catching rain water - that way I have about 50 - 50.

The driftwood would normally be driving the ph down.

If you want I could swap you the discus for a pile of coral sand - I have enough for two four foot tanks that I need to get rid of as they are cahgning to Geophagus tanks. Coral sand as a substrate raises your ph and hardness making it easier to get your water right for africans.

I can also throw in a pile of rocks if you like.


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out of morbid curiosity, I'm wondering if you are trying to set some sort of record for the most number of posts with THE EXACT SAME THING IN THEM ? Ironically, you seem to be the person who accuses other people of posting crap so they can "up their rank"...have you figured out if there is an advantage to being a higher rank yet ? If you are trying to do this for a little more "street cred", I would imagine that many other people here would say you are going at it the wrong way...

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