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Just wondering if you use the same treatment as cichlids....Salt and temp?

Here is what's in there:

congo tetras

priscella tetras

white fin ornate tetras

blues eyes



sword tails

black neons

panda corys

leopard corys

unknown gudgeon

fighter fish

dwarf gouramis

glass catfish

mystery snails

white cloud minnows

peppermint BN

Orange spot BN

common BN

threadfin rainbow

It's a new tank but is was aged first. The fish can from different places so I was kinda expecting trouble but was hopeful. I didn't have the space to separately quarantine everything so i put them all in together and hoped for the best 8O

can anyone suggest a medication that wont die the tank? The tank is 5x15x20.


Carl & Jenny

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You have to be careful with salts & medicine with having scaleless fish. I would turn the temp up to 28-29. Increase airation. Treat the tank at 1/2 dose. Gravel vac the tank before each treatment, firstly to remove cysts & to get at those that may have hit dead spots.

You will have to treat for 2 weeks, to be safe. You only kill the whitespot when it is off the fish.


Frenchy :D

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