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December marine fish and invert collecting by aandtsociety

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Well another month has been and some other trips for our aquarium species have been enjoyed and general ocean free diving fun.

Oh some of the guys do free diving for spear fishing as well and some just look around on scuba.

There has been about five trips featured in our club collecting of our forum since i puit onthe last small section of pics and i have grabbed just a few of the heaps of pics to share and promote our club to you all again.

I won't go into explainations on anything i will just use a some of our pics from each trip thread i copy out and you can just enjoy seeing what we get and do here around Brisbane on our club free diving and collecting trips.

There are quite a few of videos of marine life but they are a bit harder to transfer over so this will show what the club does apart from keeping aquariums of all types very well amoungst our members.
















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Awesome fish as usual PKC.

Eric, quite a few years back we were fishing on the calm side of bribie just up from the bongaree jetty (we were in knee deep) and the guys dragging a bait net next to us pulled one in. We were a bit carefull where we stepped after that :esup:

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About 22 years ago my family were down at Wynnum for a picnic. My brother and I were out exploring around the low tide line near the pier and we found a blue ring octopus in amongst the small rockpools at the base of the pier. Cute little thing it was, then dad clipped us around the ears and said to leave it alone unless we wanted to end up dead.

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In certain conditions we see heaps of them on our collecting trips,the trick is to avoid a bite.

Up until about 25 years ago we used to see and stop and talk to a couple that would collect the blue rings for research,not by them they were contracted to collect only.

One day,i wont use names,the wife of the two at bribie isl this day herd her husband do a faint yell and looked up as he went down,she ran to him and his breathing had already stopped as it does with blue rings while you are totaly concious,unless you die before help arrives of course.

She applied resus for nearly two hours just stopping briefly to yell for help every now and then,none arrived as the weather was like it was for us on our low tide trip last sunday and kept all away,once the toxin had run its course he started to regain breathing on his own,she saved him big time that day.

They were a nice couple as we would stop on collecting trips when we saw them and have a yak and a hot drink with them.

The whole club 3 day trip in november was amazing in relation the blue rings,a monster was seen by a few of us on the second day of collecting,that one could have put a lot people down with the size of it.

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