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Jump Start the Nitrogen Cycle

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Filled my new tank on Friday.

Placed a stocking with gravel from my cycled tank in the new tank.

Swapped a media tray and filter pad from my mature system canister filter to the new tanks canister filter.

I have been feeding the tank daily with flake food to provide a food source for the bacteria.

Will what I have done shorten the Nitrogen Cycle process?

How long should it take to cycle the tank?

Tank is 700 x 700 x 600



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Its can be touch and go when starting a new tank

I usaly run my new filter in 1 of my old tanks after i do a clean then I mixe the gravel around to get the filter to fill a little with wants floating around

Then when the 2 weeks are up I just get a bucket of clean water from the old tanks and add that with about 1/3 of the gravel from my other tanks and the rest new

Then just top up the tank with new water

Throw in a heap of feeder fish if they live for 3 days in go the fish I want

It works for me but U just never know

I have had spicks in a tank I have been running for 16 years strait


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U won't and can't have an amonia spike as you don't have anything in your tank to make the amonia!!

Nitrifing bacteria work on a suppy and demand system, as more amonia is available the the bateria will multiply, if there is more bateria than amonia, some bateria will die off.

No mater how cycled a tank is, if its only been supporting 2 fish then you add another 10 the same size, you WILL have an amonia spike purely as you don't have the bacteria to support the biological demands of the fish.

You have only started the cycle if you don't keep feeding it the bateria will die off. The majority of your bateria should be in your filter and as you transfered it from another filter (hopefully not taking TOO much from your other tank, as you can leave that tank with not enough bateria for its load), you probably already have the bateria to support fish, but as I've already said if there isn't amonia to feed the bateria they will die, taking you back to square one.

It is important to slowly add to the biological demand of a tank, so slowly start adding fish and allow the bateria to increase there numbers as the system needs. The problem is that you can't see the bateria, only the effect they have or don't have on your water, so it's pretty much a softly softly approach.

From your previous post its seems you beleive that you setup the tank, run it for a couple of weeks, then add you fish and all will be good, this is far from the truth, and you here of many people complaining that there fish die shortly after adding them to a 'cycled' tank.

Cycling a tank is about increasing the quantity of bateria and the only way to do this is to either add bateria (tranfer a filter or media from a working tank) or allowing the bateria to multiply by increasing their food (amonia) thus increasing there demand, but doing it at a rate that they have time to increase there numbers, so the amonia levels in the tank don't get too high and toxic.

If you were to remove all your fish from a stable tank, for a few weeks then put them back in, you would find the you would have an amonia spike, purely because the food for the bateria was removed, so a lot of the bateria would die, you then replace the fish, load goes up but you no longer have the bateria to support this load!!..

The answer is that noone can tell you exactly how long to cycle a tank for as it is always cycling. you ALWAYS need to add to the load slowly (no m ater how old the tank is) to allow the bateria numbers to increase accordingly.

As you already have bateria in the filter, I would slowly start adding fish to the tank, but keep a close eye on the fish, they will be the first indication if something is wrong, they will look happy. Fish never look happy if the water is bad (gasping, lethargic, fins clamped, sitting on bottom, at surface, etc). But again don't rush will only end in tears!!!


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Thanks, makes sense.

I must have jagged it a bit when I started my first tank 18 months ago.

Filled it up and let it run for 2 weeks and slowly added the fish, not intentionally, but because I could not make my mind up of the type of fish I wanted to keep.

I'll keep the stocking on this tank slow as well now


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