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Green Terror Aggression

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I was wondering what to do with my Green Terror (Aequidens rivulatus) as he is very aggressive and is doing his best to kill anything that he can see (even in the tanks next to him).

We were told that a texan would be a good match for him but that didn't work (Just hope the shop will take him back today).

Carl thinks it's a waste of space have a big tank with one fish. But I love my Terror, I think he's a really nice fish.

Any suggestions on what i can do to either tone him down or does anyone have a fish that can match him. He's only about 12cm at the moment in a 4x2x2 tank. Maybe someone might have a tank that he would fit into. Carl want me to take him to the fish shop but i don't want to. :(

Any help would be great



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I have a ~12cm female rivulatus in my american cichlid community tank :/ she is quite aggressive but strangely the only fish she has actually killed (apart from feeders) was a texas cichlid :P In the same tank is a ~20cm male jack dempsey who tends to keep the rivulatus & all the other fish in line without getting to damaging. Also in the same tank are 2 x ~12cm male convicts, ~10cm male firemouth, ~10cm male salvini, ~5cm brasiliensis & 2 bristlenoses.

The rivulatus does chase the brasili, salvini & firemouth a lot but they are quick & know to stay outta it's way :) The dempsey is a good controller... it never chases other fish but if they challenge or come too close it will try & take a bite. The rivulatus & the dempsey had a few fights when the dempsey was smaller, with the rivulatus always copping a beating. Now it steers clear of the dempsey.

However... I grew both the riv & the dempsey up from very small in the same tank... I know it can be a totally different thing to introduce new fish to a rivulatus that is already situated.

some pics ;)

female rivulatus @ ~10cm before the fights began...


round 1...


round 2...


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awww poor fish

don't worry... she recovered well & is once again threatening my male dempsey! :P

Hey dem0n, want a nice boy to go with your girl

i would!... but unfortunetly i just don't have the tank space atm... my community tank is already kinda full (it's only a 4' 18" x20"). thanx for the offer though :D

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